Untethering Cable

I'm gonna do it and you can't stop me!

I'm going to pull the plug!

I am ditching Cable TV!!!

Sort of...

I still need cable for internet and I can still watch tv on the internet. So really, all I'm doing is reconfiguring how I watch TV and cutting out phones. Again... sort of.

Phone Home

Since I won't be using one of those crazy bundle "deals" (that really isn't much of a deal), I'm going to be living without a land line. I have unlimited minutes through Verizon, so no worries there. The only reason I had it for the last two years was because I lived in a high danger fire area and wanted to make sure we got a reverse 911 call should a fire spark. But we never used it. The only time I gave the number out was to my utility companies and to people I didn't want to talk to. (If you are in receipt of the 798 number... sorry!)

Need Speedy Internet

I almost went totally crazy and ditched our cable company all together. I looked into DSL Extreme (because Leo Laporte said to) and a few other options, but I really couldn't justify saving what amounts to a few cups of coffee per month while pulling my hair out in frustration when what I need to download takes eighteen seconds as opposed to three.

Do You Hulu?

You can find just about anything on hulu now. Last night, I caught up on the Funk episode of Glee in preparation for next week's finale where the kids go to regionals. It was hilarious AND with limited commercials, it was only 43 minutes long. Internet TV options also allow for us to watch on our free time, like after all the school work and meetings are done. I usually pull up the Fancast site that has full TV episodes, movies, and TV news and gossip, plus trailers of upcoming shows and movies. And yes... they have hulu!

They even have The Real Housewives!! And yes, that WAS the deciding factor!

Because I cannot live without the crazy ladies that remind me weekly that I may be broke... but at least I'm sane!