Decorating New Digs

With a new home comes the exciting task of redecorating. Since the last few months have been all about purging (out with the old), the next few months are going to be all about shopping (in with the new). But with limited resources, I have to be careful how I spend my money. I'll be shopping for my new stuff at places that are hip and affordable. Two stores immediately come to mind.


I came across two bed & bath lines that I like, but would probably learn to hate really really quickly if I went all in on either. 


There's the Treehouse collection and Lots O' Dots. (Guess which is which.) I decided that I'd mix and match them while also keeping a base solid of chocolate brown. For a touch of whimsy, we'll have monkeys holding up the shower curtain.


The main living area of the cottage is divided down the middle based on the location of the main entrance and the natural path to the kitchen. Because of this, I have to view it as not one large space, but rather two smaller spaces. On one side, I'll have a lounging area where our TV will be. On the other side, chairs, tables, and bookshelves. I'm sticking with chocolate brown as the base color adding pops of green, orange. In order to make the room look bigger, bookshelves will be white to blend with the walls.

But all this may have to wait. The sun is starting to shine upon our new (new to us, anyway) deck, so I'll be shopping for patio chairs for all my guests. So tell me... what do you prefer? Low to the ground adirondacks or standard height patio seating? I want to make sure you're comfy when you come over for a visit.