Lost Myself Having Fun with Spoilers on Twitter

Last night was the last Lost.


Sorry... not a Lost fan. I tried jumping in to watch in the middle of Season 3, but I just couldn't pick it up. I was a big X-Files fan and loved me some Twin Peaks, so I figured I'd be able to follow Lost. Alas. I just got, well... lost. Those were some crazy story lines to keep up with. Still, I was tempted to watch the last one just because. So I checked out the buzz on Twitter.

It was all happy butterflies and rainbows for a while. 

Then, I started seeing some really angry tweets about "You guys better not spoil the ending for us that Tivo'd it!" And "No spoilers for us on the West Coast!!" The same thing happened with Grey's the other night. I'm on the West Coast, so I stayed away from checking in on friends the hours leading up to the finale. When it was our turn to watch, I shared a few anxious moment over some of the scenes. I figured I was safe being the last time zone to watch it. But then I got yelled at (as in ALL CAPS) by people who had Tivo'd or DVR'd and weren't planning to watch until the next day.


Okay, let me explain something about myself. I don't have a DVR. I don't have Tivo. Believe it or not, I am NOT that into TV. If I miss an episode of some show that I follow, I'll wait until the next week to see the one minute recap or if I MUST (as in the case of Glee), I pull it up on Hulu or go to a friend's house that does have a DVR and watch it there (thanks, Liz!). I completely forget that some people record shows and watch later. But if I did, I wouldn't go blasting someone the day after a show airs, and I certainly don't put my hand over their mouth (figuratively of course) to censor them until I've had time between all of my personal appointments to watch a TV show. So I was mildly annoyed at someone who kept calling me out on almost spoiling Grey's for her it two days later. Holy Crackers... let it go already!! I finally just suggested that she make the adult choice to unfollow me. 

And I may have also suggested that she get a life.

It was all getting too damn serious, so to lighten the mood around all the #lost and #found chats, I thought it would be funny to shout out some not-so-spoiling spoilers. Here's where I tell you that if you have never seen any Pixar movies or were not allowed to go to PG movies in the 80s and still haven't seen them on cable and missed a 90s blockbuster about a ship that didn't quite make it to her destination, you might want to jump off. 

All clear?

Okay... here goes:


The RAT is the chef!


It sinks.

MySpace Picture Codes

Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear can't fly. He's just been falling with style.

Years of academy training... WASTED!

Top Gun

Goose dies.

... and then goes on to be Dr. Green of ER, so it's cool.

I was having so much fun laughing at myself (because that's how I do) but all that fun came to a screeching halt with my last spoiler tweet: 

(If you can't see the tweet... click on the box...)

Turns out... there was actually someone on Twitter that had never seen The Wizard of Oz. How in the hell can anyone have lived to an adult age without having seen The Wizard of Oz??? I assured her that I had not given away the ending and that she still needed to watch it for the flying monkeys. I left out the part that it was all one big nightmare that Dorothy was having. Oh wait... you didn't see it?


Anyway... word to the wise... stay off of Twitter if you don't want to know what's going on with your favorite characters. And if you Tivo or DVR something, don't expect everyone at the water cooler the next day to know that you don't know what they know and then get all huffy about it.