Touch'd by MamaRucci

This week's Make It Happen Mama is none other than my BlissDom roomie, Rachel Ferrucci.

Rachel was kind enough to bring along some of her body care products for all of us to try out while in Nashville. I enjoyed my Sugar Scrubs, of course... I mean, hey... Sugar... what's not to love, right? In between all the fun and pampering and learning, we got to know each other... talked about our families, our work, and our hopes and dreams. I was amazed that so much power was packed into such a tiny little package.


Rachel is a no-nonsense, down-to-earth kind of girl. She lives her life with family always in mind. She worked in cosmetology for twenty years before taking on a 9 to 5 job in order to spend more time with family. As she put it, "Saturdays are your money days" but she wanted those to be her family days. She did well in her corporate job, moving from a customer service rep to becoming a project manager for a health insurance company. During that time, she was experimenting with natural solutions to her daughter's ecsema. Having had some unsatisfactory scrub experiences, she began to create products for herself and her family. Eventually, she started giving some of these creations to friends and family. It was at their prodding that she began Touch'd. Her line can now be found in spas and salons in Connecticut, Georgia, and California. 

The Mission Statement 

Helping people to feel sexy, feel beautiful, and to get Touchd, by creating products using natural ingredients that compliment their lives and improve the way they feel about themselves.

Rachel's point was that if people feel beautiful, that empowered feeling will come through in their demeanor and that demeanor will be contagious. "You walk straighter, people look at you differently. People treat you the way you feel."

This Girl Walks the Walk

As she tells me what she's going to do with her first million, I get the sense that there is not a doubt in her mind that this will be accomplished. Once she hits the monetary goal, she hopes to open a home that will give an address to people stuck in that awful spot called A Rock and a Hard Place. What's funny is, she has already had plenty of experience doing just that.

"She's got the guts right now." That was the call she got from a cousin about a friend in an abusive relationship. Rachel was a young mom at the time, pregnant and caring for her four year old daughter. Her response? "Tell her to pack her bags and be here in an hour." Later that night, she told her husband, Richie that "Suzy will be staying with us for a while." During her short stay at the Ferrucci home, the young mother was able to gather some money together and get on with her life. Another time, a co-worker told her about her pending eviction. She didn't even have enough money to get herself and her kids back home to family. Rachel gave this struggling family a place to stay for a few weeks... just enough time to get money together and head home.

A Means to a Beautiful End

I have thouroughly enjoyed pampering myself with Rachel's product line. The Sugar and Spice bath butter feels extravagent and smells just yummy. The Tropical Sugar Scrub has left my body feeling smooth as a baby's behind. I would love nothing more than to get my hands on all of her spa line! But more than just wanting to feel sexy with my smooth and moisturized skin, I want to see Rachel's dreams come true. I want to be there when she opens the doors to the home that will be an address for those who have none.

Please visit and check out all the fabulous products that MamaRucci has to offer. And if you want to get in touch with her, she is always available on Twitter at