And We're Back...

"Hello. My name is Sugar. It's been two weeks since my last post." Everyone: "Hi Sugar!"

You'll forgive me for not writing, won't you? I've been busy finalizing divorce stuff (did you hear I got the car back?) ... getting this blog transferred over (thank you Mamikaze!) ... OH!!! And having a BLAST in New York!

Right now, I'm working on my post-BlogHer post. So many awesome moments, but I managed to nail them down to my top ten. I'm also working on a post for The Smartly about inappropriate questions. Some mamas failed in this arena. I'm also working on some videos of The Sugar Babies. Those kids just crack me up.

It's an awful lot of work for very little pay. In fact, NO pay! But I love this... this blogging thing we do. It's a joy just to write and have someone come by and read and say, "Me, too!" Or "Hang in there." Or "Thanks for the encouragement." I don't need to explain it to you. You get it.

So here it is. The new blog. New look. New platform. Same old Sugar.

What do you think?