My BlogHer Top 10

In the world of blogging, there are as many types of blogs as there are bloggers. In the same way, each of us that attended BlogHer '10 experienced the conference in our own way. I went without any intention to bring home any swag, not because of any altruistic reasons, but because I live in a very small house and I can barely get rid of the stuff I have here. I only packed a tiny overnight bag and my purse to make sure I didn't get crazy and bring a ton of stuff home. Although I was tempted. I mean, have you seen all the stuff people got?

I RSVP'd to several parties that I never even made it to because I was enjoying the company I was with. As much as I wanted to see old friends, I was getting to know new friends and knowing that we had days ahead of us, I decided to take it easy on Thursday. I'm really glad I did.

So no swag or party highlights here. Just my own personal Top Ten moments:

  • Seeing Scott Stratten in a red tutu, screaming his name (blowing out my sponsor's ears), jumping out of my chair, and skipping over to him for my UnHug. I just love that guy.
  • Having Jenny the Bloggess hunt & peck a poem for me on a pink Smith-Corona typewriter that goes like this: "I would steal your name if it wasn't illegal. except that it isn't. love, Sugar Jones -- PS: Stop using my name."
  • Laughing my butt off with new friends that I wish I would have known before I got to the OpenSky party: Mama Mania, Linda of Baby to Be TV, Jacqueline (aka Fitarella) and Sara the Football Wife. Next time... more time with these ladies.
  • Getting my photo taken by Karen Walrond. I didn't really stalk her. I just jumped her as she walked out of the elevator. I told her that I first met her at the Beautiful Blogging session in '08and that I have loved her ever since. THEN I begged... "PLEEEEZ take my picture!!" She said yes and we walked outside to take this:

  • The Entire Community Keynote. Wow... so many talented bloggers. Every year, it gets better and better. And Bitchin Wife's rendition of Popular? Pure awesome. (We are currently looking for video. Ping me if you find it!!)
  • Catching up with one of my fave Shutter Sisters, Stephanie from Project Hope (slideshow was part of the Community Keynote). I have been following her and admiring her photography for the last three years now. She is one of my photo blogger heroes. Chatting with her in a quiet corner about the work that she and Jen Lemen are doing was a great moment of remembering why I love this space and what I hope to contribute.
  • Circle Time at the Serenity Suite. Ahhh... so needed. Some of you might not have been around when I was going through my recovery process. I have spent years getting over some not so great stuff that has happened in my life. I still forget sometimes that I deserve to be treated like a princess... a daughter of THE King. Spending time among friends came just in time. More on this later.
  • Bonding with my sistahs at the Latinas in Social Media session. Apparently, I'm their long lost sistah as very few of them knew I was Mexican. Did you? Well, now you do. More on this later, too.
  • Hugging Anissa Mayhew. As soon as I saw Peter wheeling her past me, I popped up and said STOP! I looked at her and held my breath. Then she said, "Sugar!" I hugged her and cried like a baby into her shirt. She kept saying, "This is Sugar" to Peter, probably to make sure he knew I wasn't going to hurt her. But hearing her... seeing her there... nothing less than amazing.
  • The CheeseburgHer Party. You saw the pictures, right? It was exactly as fun as it looked. No... MORE fun. And I got to take my annual stalker photo of Mocha Momma. So happy she was there. It would NOT have been the same without her.

Those were my conference moments. These do not include all the fun I had hanging out in the city with great friends, old and new. It also doesn't include a special dinner organized by my friend, Romy. That dinner (and the purpose behind it) deserves its own post.

And hey!! Did you hear the BEST BlogHer news? Next year, it's in San Diego, baby! That's right... MY town! Start saving up now because we are going to have some great moments!