Inappropriate Questions

You've been there. Someone you barely know asks you a question that you may not want to answer, but since it's been asked, we feel the need to answer. Here's a question: If someone is rude enough to ask an inappropriate question, why should we be polite and answer? Maybe we should just answer with another inappropriate question.

Case in point: The other day, a woman I had never met before asked me a personal grooming question. I had only been bantering back and forth with for a few moments before ignoring her inane conversation by sticking my nose in a People magazine. Suffice to say, we would probably not hang out at home. Then out of no where, she asks me,

"Sugar, are you wearing fake eyelashes?"

I've been pretty public about my lashes. I love them. TO BITS! I get them done by one of my dearest friends, who I named The Brow Whisperer (that woman could make Chubaca's brows beautiful!) and I am always tweeting the company that supplies her with my lashes and eye products.

So why did this question annoy me?

It's not because I was shy! Was it because it was inappropriate in "polite" company? Or because I was already annoyed by her? I think it might have been a little of both. I could have just said yes, but clearly, we didn't know each other very well. As in AT ALL. I mean, she would have known about my lashes if we had chatted on Twitter or if we had met before I started having them done. Maybe I was just tired... or hungry... or done listening to her, because my response to her was another inappropriate question in return:

"Are those fake boobs?"

Turns out they were.

I have a friend that has five kids. The last three times she got pregnant, she would be asked< "Is this the last one?" or "Are you guys done now?" You have to know my friend. She is an angel. She even looks and sings like one. She is sweet and polite and kind. So when people ask her these questions, she just gets flustered and doesn't know what to answer. She wonders why people would have the temerity to ask such a question. But she never has a comeback. And she's certainly too nice to answer with a rude question like I would.

I have another friend who has been married for a couple of years now. She and her husband have a couple of dogs, but no babies yet. She gets asked, several times a week, when they are going to start a family. I'm blown away by that question for her, but she puts it best. "Am I only a baby vessel?" She's also very sweet and kind, but she's also pretty feisty. I think if people keep asking her, there's going to be trouble.

Then there's the "When are you due" question. Maybe more curios than rude... unless the woman being asked is NOT pregnant. A girlfriend of mine accidentally did this. This after years of railing against asking anyone any personal question about another woman's pregnancy. She believes that unless the woman offers up the subject of her pregnancy, that it's not up for discussion in any circumstances. I had to think about this one, and I tend to agree. I like being pregnant and chatting about it all with friends, but oh my gosh, sometimes I wanted to just ask if we could talk about something.. anything else.

What questions bug you? Which ones do you deem inappropriate? How friendly do you think people need to be before asking if someone's boobs, lashes, lips, or whatever are fake? Should the questions ever come up? Do you wait until the person brings it up?

Or do you think we all overshare so much that we've opened the door for any questions?