Are You Ready for Some Inspiration?

I posed a question on Twitter the other day: What is your favorite inspirational movie?

The overwhelming response was (my personal favorite) Rudy.

Rudy, if you haven't seen it, is the story of a kid who has everything going against him and his one big dream... to play football for the Fighting Irish. The kid doesn't have any money, his grades are below Notre Dame standards, and to top it all off, he's pretty small.

But he doesn't give up. No matter how many people tell him he's crazy. No matter how much he gets beat up, physically or emotionally, he just keeps going!

At one point, though... he loses his faith. He quits. But a friend reminds him of his childhood dream. And then more friends come around to help him get to his goal. They didn't do it because they felt sorry for him. They did it because the kid had heart. Rudy lost touch with old friends and fell away from the inner sanctum of his family when he decided to go towards his dreams. But he earned the friendship and respect of so many others. People that lifted him up...

all the way off the field.


What's YOUR favorite inspirational movie?