It's SO Mondo!

Before things were awesome... they were Mondo. Those were the days of Candie's hightops and earrings that looked like fish lures. Back when the toughest part of my day was trying to get through the locker cages between third and fourth period without getting caught in the log jam. When we ate our lunches on the outside stage under a giant roll up door with a huge "M" painted on it. When Leif Garrett was SO much cooler than that dork, Kiefer Sutherland. When a svelt James Spader would shake his curly locks in ever teen angst movie he graced... back before he got old and bloated.

Everything was Mondo!!

Mondo meant Super Cool... Awesome... FABULOUS, only cooler. It was beyond everything! You didn't have to explain it. You just said "mondo" and everybody knew. If you had a great boyfriend, he was Mondo Nectar. If he happened to drive a slick car, it was Mondo Rad. And if you were driving with said boyfriend down the coast, you might see some Mondo waves.

Then we grew up and things stopped being Mondo.

They became Routine. Habitual. Ordinary.

And what of our dreams? They were filed away behind the mortgage papers, shoved and crumpled by years of tax returns and medical records, covered up and stowed away into a dark corner of your life where you knew you would find them if you ever needed them, but wouldn't have to look at them often and know that you weren't still dreaming.

Well, guess what? It's time to pull out that old file box and get back to it!!

Yesterday was a day that I plugged back into a Mondo life. I joined a Writing Group AND a Band of Dreamers!!

The writing group is hosted by one of my earliest bloggy crushes. I sat and chatted with her for an hour after the meet up thinking, "Wow... how did this happen?? How am I sitting here with her and talking about writing???" I almost teared up, except that we were too busy laughing at each other's life stories. It's awesome to have people that we can laugh with at tragedies and who understand each other's neurosis.

Joining the Band of Dreamers was a dream in itself. I remember writing to the amazing Jen Lemen once saying how much I looked forward to the day I could join her Mondo Beyondo group. Life hadn't been Mondo in such a long time that I was wondering if it ever might be again. Then, just yesterday, we connected. Within a few short emails, I was joining the Mondo Beyondo class, launching a five-week journey of awesome!

What's Mondo Beyondo? It's an on-line class about dreaming BIG! Every weekday, they offer lessons, activities, and exercises that will help you uncover your deepest wishes and dreams and explore what it takes to realize them. They inspire you, tell you stories, feed you snacks (well, maybe not the snacks), and guide you through this process of making your dreams real.

Some people can dream big and realize their goals on their own. I am not one of those people. I need the encouragement of others. I need to have a time and date where I come to my friends and say, "Look... I did it," no matter how big or small the "it" is.

Runners are buoyed by the cheers of their friends in the crowd. When they are tired and want to stop, they'll look up and see a friend smiling and handing them a quick dixie cup of water, and they know that they can make it to the finish line. It's the same for many of us. We get tired. We get exhausted. We wonder why we are doing this... why we are writing... why we are wishing... and then a friend yells WOO HOO from the sea of faces and you get that spark to keep going.

So here I go... dreaming big... and I'm so excited!

This is going to be SOOO MONDO!!


Want to join the Band of Dreamers??

Mondo Beyondo Dream Big