Friday Night Laundry

I'm typing this from a laundromat on a Friday Night. Hence the title of the post. There is no real reason for naming it that other than me wanting you to know how very exciting my life is. It's so damn exciting that I am the mayor of this fine establishment. In fact, when I scored this mayorship, it happened to be my TENTH mayorship, thereby unlocking the Super Mayor badge. If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, go check out Foursquare.

So here I am, feeling pretty humbled for not having any appliances in my sweet little Sugar Shack. Which should make a certain little beast quite happy. I was told to be humble by some nasty little troll the other day, but then I told him/her that he/she could be humble... I was planning to be FABULOUS.

Fabulous. On a Friday Night. At a laundromat.

I am dead sexy right now, too... in my running shorts, jog bra, and zip up hoodie... the only remaining articles of clothing that are clean. Well, except dancing duds, but I'm not putting on my best BCBG dress to do laundry. Not like SOME people.

Did you know laundromats are pick up spots? I'm not even kidding you. I've been walking around here with a scowl on my face and eyes to the floor so as to avoid contact with any of the fine gentlemen that apparently have nothing better to do on a Friday night than to chat up all the lovely ladies that got all dressed up just to do their laundry.

I wonder if they read any of these insightful articles that on picking up chicks at the laundromat:

How To Pick Up Women at the Laundromat Picking Up Women at the Local Laundromat How to Pick Up Women: The Laundromat Pickup

Genius article titles.

Next time... I'm wearing a ring.