Within Arm's Reach

Everyone needs a little encouragement... sometimes, in the dark moments in the middle of the night.

I keep these three books on my desk next to my bed for those moments when I'm feeling discouraged, alone, or scared. There are passages I have dog-eared that I can turn to when I need to quiet my fears.

The scars on our heart do not last forever. ~Marianne Williamson, A Woman's Worth

The Lord will surely comfort Zion, and look with compassion on all her ruins. ~Isaiah 51:3

Happy Women are never alone because they don't abandon themselves. ~What Happy Women Know

Reading those words helps quiet the monsters. To know that those scary moments are only temporary. And to put the Blackberry down before texting something I might regret.

What do you have on your nightstand? Is it a vampire novel? a journal? a comic book? Or do you just sleep at night like normal people?