Dream Bigger

My first week in Mondo Beyondo has been amazing! Mondo Beyondo, if you didn't read my post earlier, is an on-line class of sorts. It's more of a really intense coffee shop, I suppose. You know those coffee shops where you come in so often that you are friends with the regulars and you chat about your dreams and they start to get invested in the outcome of your dreams and they kindly (but firmly) prod you to keep at those dreams? I used to have a coffee shop like that. My favorite drink was the Velvet Elvis. Raspberry, chocolaty mocha goodness, and all kinds of fattening cream...


Hold please!!

Where was I?

Ah yes... back to the dreaming.

So far in my first week in Mondo Beyondo, I've listened to an interview of an amazing woman named SARK, read a woman's story of vulnerability, and been prompted to go wild with a list of unspoken dreams. Not just prompted... lead... guided... encouraged... cajoled, even. Something about the way Jen Lemen puts things that make you believe anything is possible. She is, after all, the girl that won $50,000 to go take pictures of Hope for a year. I mean, who better to get nurturing and encouragement from about your wild dreams, right?

One of the exercises was to write a Mondo Beyondo list. After some reading, listening, and envisioning, I was ready to sit and let my pen flow. I chose a purple pen because it was different. Black pens are for writing To Do lists. Red pens are for marking tests. But purple ink... that's for creative thinking. For going out of the Blue/Black Box. My purple pen started flowing and listing things that I hadn't thought about in such a long time. I learned to stop thinking about them. Whenever the dreams did pop up, I squashed them thinking they were too unrealistic. But who am I to say they aren't possible? I'm just a puny human that has no idea what wonderful magical things can happen if I just put it out there.

I wrote and wrote and wrote. I shook my head at one that kept popping up because I thought, "I don't want this!" But a tiny voice in my head said, "Write it down anyway." So I did. And as I read the words, I smiled and thought to myself, Hmmm... maybe I DO want this.

I was so moved by this exercise that I wanted to invite others to join me in sharing their wild dreams, so I posed this question in my Blog Frog community:

What is one thing that you want to do? Something that makes you smile and scared at the same time?? Is it jumping out of a plane (with a parachute, of course)... or writing a book... or taking a trip to a far off land? What's one thing that you dream about?

Here are some of their answers:

"This may sound strange... but finding love. Real love. Travelling around the world and writing a book would follow close behind though." ~ Julie

"I dream of traveling to somewhere like China or Ireland or Italy or all of them. But I want to do it alone and totally immerse myself in the culture (not knowing how to speak anything other than English) and seeing if I can make it. I think I could. I think." ~ Marianne

"Quit my job. Start my own business. It had better happen soon. Shhhh -- don't tell anyone!" ~ Amy B Hole

"I dream of publishing poetry. I dream of publishing a children's book. I dream of recording a few songs." ~ Kate

"The biggest dream of all would be to have a home in Lake Tahoe and a home in San Francisco. But that's SUPER long term. I can wait. It could happen. Cuz that's BIG." ~ Jen

There are plenty more at the Blog Frog community forum if you'd like to read those or share your own.

But even if you don't want to share... maybe you could just find a quiet corner... right now... go grab a purple pen...

and let your heart dream wildly.

~ ~ ~

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