Like Water for Comments

Today's Back to Blogging assignment is to repost something that you wish more people would have read. I'm not really sure how many people actually read my Bread Pudding and Peace post, but based on the amount of comments, I'm going to say only those three people did. I was a wee bit disheartened, but I got over it. In fact, until I went through my archives, I forgot about the post. I do remember the day, though.

I tried to write it all Like Water for Chocolate-y. There's a story that bleeds into a recipe and then back to the story. There is an actual recipe in the post, with pictures and everything. It took me so long to do the pictures and upload and bake and write...

And only three comments.

It's funny how that happens. You do something that means so much to you and expect applause. When it doesn't come, you get discouraged. But that's so silly. Re-reading that post now, after forgetting I had ever written it, evoked the feelings in me that I had hoped to capture.

And hey... the bread pudding was damn good, too.

So a little bit of blogging advice: Be proud of your work even if nobody is looking. Don't worry about the comments. Keep on blogging on.

Now please go read Bread Pudding and Peace. (Comments have been closed to make sure I remember what this blogging thing is really all about.)