5 Bewitching Tales to Stream Tonight on Netflix

What is Halloween without witches?

Boring, that's what!

The images that witches conjure up vary wildly. When you think about witches, you might be picturing a cute teenage kid on a broom that never sweeps. Or you might be thinking of the vindictive sisterly kind that doesn't much care for water. Or even that one lady at work that really has it out for you. Whichever witch you're thinking of, today is the perfect day to celebrate them.

Here are a few picks to watch while your checking your kids' bags for your favorite candies:


The Craft

witches on netflix - the craft.jpg


Witches on Netflix - Charmed

Once Upon a Time

Witches on Netflix - Once Upon a Time

The Blair Witch Project

Witches on Netflix - The Blair Witch Project.jpg

American Horror Story: Coven

Witches of Netflix - American Horror Story - Coven

Which witches will you watch?

FYI: I'm on the Netflix Stream Team and this is my monthly Stream Team post.