Getting Away

My recent trip to Mexico was much needed. I came back refreshed and renewed and ready to get back to being a mom. My kids had also taken a trip away from home. They went to their grandparent's ranch in New Mexico. They got to play with their favorite dog, Champ, got to ride Grandma's horse, Flash, and took a week long break from school work. I asked the So Cal Family Community at The Blog Frog how often they were able to get away. I was surprised at how few people actually DO get away. Certainly, taking a week long trip to a wellness spa and sending your kids off to Grandma's for the week isn't something we do all the time, and that's not what I'm suggesting. But how often do we go, go, go without taking a break?

Getting away, even if for a weekend, isn't so much a luxury as it is a necessity.

Some folks suggested that they couldn't get away because they were too far from family. What about swapping with other families in the same situation? One couple takes the kids one weekend, the other couple returns the favor on the next weekend. Several ladies said that they get out separately, not as a couple. That's good, but I hope that they also remember to get away as a couple. That alone time to remember why you fell in love is so important. And for single moms who go it alone 24/7, it's important to have fun time away from the kids to re-energize.

How high on the priority list is getting away? How do you manage to get away when choices are limited? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the community under Big People Getaway!!

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