Vegas, Baby!!

Blogworld was thirty-two different kinds of awesome this year. We started off with an awesome party at Liquid at Aria hotel. It's always so much fun running into old friends and meeting new ones. My favorite moment though, had to be when I walked in and Brian Solis did a little "Woah hooo... Sugar JONES!!" Last time we met, he was less than excited to meet some chick in San Diego.

This was a nice upgrade, for sure.

The conference location itself was quite an upgrade from last year, as well. In 2009, BWE was held at the Convention Center. This year, we were at the Mandalay Bay. Most of us stayed at the Mandalay or Luxor making it a short walk down stairs and through casinos t0 get to the actual conference.

Once downstairs and in the exhibit area, you could see all the big time sponsors that came to support and be visible at Blogworld. Ford, Kodak, Southwest...

I applied to be a flight attendant at the Southwest booth:

They said no... so I figured I'd better get into the sessions to keep going on with this on-line content creating stuff.

The sessions were so much richer this year. Rick and Dave did a fantastic job putting together such a broad range of topics and just the right speakers to speak on them. They were informative, entertaining, and engaging. The sessions I went to left me full of ideas that are still buzzing around my head.

Here's me with my fave speaker of the weekend, Name Tag Scott:

I think alcohol may have been a factor in this charming facial expression at this point in the weekend, but Scott had a lot to say about messages, visibility, and commitment.

There was a lot of talk about commitment. I've been thinking a lot about this lately and don't want to just breeze past it, so I'm putting together some notes from my sessions to share later this week. You might want to come back... just sayin'.

And the food!

The food was more Mandalay's deal, but still... Blogworld picked the spot soooo... anyway! All attendees with a Full Access pass received $20 vouchers for lunch. I used all of my vouchers at The Border Grill at the Mandalay. They have the BEST food! My favorite had to be the Peruvian Ceviche with plantains. YUMM!

The Mash Bash was fun... but the best party that night had to be Adventure Girl's Love Party at Revolution. The size of the club was just right for dancing, mingling, and lounging. And the music was pumpin' all night! If you weren't careful, you might end up dancing with this fine gentleman:

Scott Stratten had a private little shindig for close Social Media pals at the MGM one night. I got to go. Pinch me.

TechKaraoke on closing night  at the Pearl was a blast!

Rather than singing to a background soundtrack, all singers were backed up by a real band and a back up singer that was on hand to help you through should you forget the lyrics... or just freeze after sobering up and realizing you are about to sing on stage.

As I tweeted that night, some people's mamas were VERY good at the whole confidence building. Maybe a little too good. But there were some real stand outs. Mainly Amanda Coolong  and Chris Noble. I forget who got up to sing Journey's Don't Stop Believing because about 30 seconds into the song, several of us rushed up on stage and sang along. Good times!

And this party was in a lobby last year!

I missed the Closing Keynote because I was laying out at the pool. I needed a nap and some sunshine after all the late nights. Thankfully, the boys of Blogworld Expo recorded all sessions and gave the attendees a smokin' deal of $49 to purchase them all. I'll be listening to the sessions I missed for at least another month. Can't wait to hear all the rest of the awesomeness!!

So yeah... Blogworld was off the chain. If you're serious about creating content for marketing and business purposes and, if you want to meet the real players on the internet, you might want to consider going next year.

Viva Las Vegas, Baby!!