The Lash Boutique

Congratulations to my good friend, Jana, aka The Brow Whisperer! Last week, we celebrated the Grand Opening of her new digs, The Lash Boutique. Jana is an aesthetician that specializes in brow and lash treatments. Under her skillful hand, unruly brows and barely there lashes come back to life.

When I first met Jana, she kindly informed me that she would be taking care of my brows and for me to stop plucking them. Apparently, my personal grooming of my brows had greatly offended her aesthetic. I thought I was doing a decent job, but figured she knew better than I. After two weeks of letting them grow back in (and looking like a distant cousin of Chubaca), I visited her for my first brow consultation. Later, she applied permanent brows (inking) and then came the lash extensions.

I have never looked back.

I love waking up and leaving the house without needing to do  more than apply a moisturizer with SPF and a little gloss. I also like not having my makeup run when I go swimming in the ocean. Yes, I'm vain... but I'm also lazy pressed for time.

From her new location at The Lash Boutique in San Diego, Jana will continue to do her magic, and will now begin training technicians to create luscious lashes for others. Besides the Brow Whispering and Lashings, Jana has a full menu of services from massages to microdermabrasion. She's good at what she does, but more than that, she is just a wonderful person to be around. A visit to her lair always includes chats about life, love, and the messes in between. She is as wise as she is talented.

Congratulations on the new venture, Jana!!


Here are some pictures of the Grand Opening. There were demonstrations, mini seminars, and munchies and wine, of course. Everyone had a great time, learned a bit, and had their fill of delectable treats. It was a wonderful way to celebrate a new beginning.

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