Don't worry. I'm not in a padded cell.


In my Blog World Expo 2010 Recap, I told you that there were several speakers that talked about commitment. They shared stories about things they've gone through in life while building something from nothing. They talked about nastigrams, hate mail, trolls, threats... and learning to ignore them. They talked about the head shakers, naysayers, and dream steelers. They told us how they just kept going.

They were committed.

Their commitments were the kind that came from deep within each of them. They spoke passionately, eyes all lit up. They beamed when they described what it was like to get past the trials and move into a place of success. These are on-line folks that have been quoted in National newspapers, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, CNN, Fox... the list goes on. They have been speaking all over the country and consulting with Fortune 500 companies about marketing, social media, and visibility.

They each stepped into success by following fairly simple formulas. They committed to their goals. They honored their dreams. They did what they knew they were meant to do. And they ignored the negativity.

They still hear from nasty little trolls.

But the cheers of their supporters and fans tend to drown them out.

Their stories inspired me. Many of us in this space are creating something from nothing. We are doing so without a company backing us. Spending our own time and money. Limping along without 401ks or dental plans or Standard Operating Procedure manuals. We get up and do our thing every day, figuring things out as we go, sheepishly answering questions from doubters.

What do you do?

Are you making any money off of this?

Don't you think you should get a real job?

Listening to the speakers at Blog World, knowing what level of success each of them has achieved despite all the well-meaning concern from friends and family, as well as out right negativity from the dream stealers, I began to feel a pull. Session after session, story after story, I became more deeply committed to my own projects.  There was something in me that shifted that weekend. I felt more than just a sentimentality for blogging. Surrounded by professional content creators, speakers, and authors, my commitment was sealed.

Creating in our on-line world isn't just about design or tech tricks, followers or fans. It's about heart. When you commit passionately with your heart, give breath to your dreams, and live your truth... everything just falls into place. People show up. Opportunities appear. Little cartoony blue birds come and sing on your window sill.

You move closer each day towards the life of your own making. Amazing people come up alongside you to help you get closer to your goals and dreams. Suddenly, you're in an environment of other dreamers, creating and cheering each other on.

And the voices of the naysayers become a fading whisper off in the distance.