Monday Night Mashup

I been buzy. Last Tuesday, I was on a local San Diego station talking about local businesses utilizing Twitter through the experiences of some of their fans:

I have no video yet, which is probably good, since I had the raspiest voice. I caught a cold the Friday before when I slept with the patio doors open at Surf & Sand in Laguna. I woke up to a bit of a hacking cough... and this:

More on this fabulous weekend getaway later.

Thursday night, I was a guest of Mojo Pages at Syrah Wine Parlor in Downtown San Diego. Our group was treated to a little wine tasting and noshing. My fave wine (that we must sip next time we meet) was a deeply aromatic Malbec from Argentina. I tasted blackberry and spice. It was delish!

It was a great wine tasting, but we weren't done sipping, so we headed a block over to Analog.

Analog is a super hip burger and wine bar that is completely decorated in retro 80s decor. If you are from that bestest of decades, you will appreciate the wall of cassette tapes that leads to the bathrooms and the layers of album covers that line the walls of the restaurant; not to mention the Pee Chee folder covers that hold their menus. I'm going back to this place on the 19th for a Karaoke Tweet Up thrown by the guy in the middle of all the women (as usual) Downtown Rob. If you're in town, stop by!

Friday Night, we had a Family Tweet Up through sdIRL (San Diego In Real Life) at a cool kids' gym called Knuckleheads. Knuckleheads believes in getting kids up and moving, playing at working out. Great place!

There is sooo much to write about locally, so I've decided to create a new "Local Love" category.

There are so many fabulous places here in San Diego and throughout Southern California that I absolutely love. I can't keep the fun all to myself, so I thought I'd share my favorite spots with you. If you're a So Cal local or are coming for a visit, you'll want to check that tab out.

You're welcome. ;)