My Mondo Beyondo Dream

I've been afraid to share this. It came to me while I was at Rancho La Puerta.

By the end of my week at Rancho La Puerta, I was overwhelmed with relief. I felt like I had hiked, pilated, and rested away all the feelings of angst that had still been floating around me like a veil of nasty cobwebs that I couldn't get unstuck from. The years of exhausting arguments and living with less to accommodate a toxic relationship had chipped away at my mental and physical health for so long. Even though I had worked exhaustively to regain my self, I still needed to be alone and still for a while.

I found that stillness at The Ranch.

How awesome would it be, I asked myself, to do this for other women? Other women who have been through the wringer, who have worked so hard to repair themselves and to return to a sane and joyful life of their own creation, but who still need a time of healing and quiet introspection, to remove that nasty clinging veil of memories. And that's when I yelled out loud, THAT is my Mondo Beyondo!!

I'm really glad the pool area was empty.

I have so many other things on my list, but the one thing I wanted to do was to reach out to help other women that have been through or will at some point go through what I've gone through the last six years. I just didn't know how to do that, exactly. So I'm saying this out loud because that will make it real. I'm not worried about failing (as I learned in my Mondo Beyondo classes), only doing what I can to make this happen. I'm not worried that anyone reading this will mock me and call me crazy. Instead, I'm thinking maybe some of you out there might have some ideas on how to help me make this happen.

Make WHAT happen?

Oh, just a little idea of a scholarship for women that deserve that week at The Ranch. How much is that? Well... like... $5,000. Yeah. Not like going to the mall to buy lipstick to make yourself feel better after a crappy week at work, but life transitions (like leaving an abusive relationship and starting life over again at square one and dollar zero) are a lot more than a crappy week at work. Anyway, I thought maybe I could email Oprah. I mean, she's gonna have lots of time on her hands later, yeah? So if any of you know Oprah, let her know, I'm looking for donors to send a sister to camp.

I'm not joking. Anyone know anyone close to Oprah? Send them this post.

Please and thank you.


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