Making Room for Magic

Last night I posted this on Facebook: "Creating space for magic to happen."

Today, I find out that this is indeed a magical time. The Full Moon is in Taurus. Let me explain.

A) I'm a Taurus.

B) My birth name means Goddess of the Moon.

C) I'm just one of those crazy California types that will string those two facts together and see it as some cosmic sign of awesome.

Here's what these celestial happenings mean to everyone else:

When the Full Moon is in Taurus, we can supposedly begin to see, not just feel, the way ahead. This is supposed to be a time to ask yourself what it is that you need to feel balanced and secure because (according to astrologers) Venus is giving us a huge dose of clarity and wisdom. People will be expressing themselves more confidently and directly (sometimes bluntly) in the weeks ahead. This will be a welcome relief for me as I get pretty stabby annoyed with polite preambles and usually have to hold myself back from yelling, Get to the point!

And you thought I was so sweet.

Of course, I tell you about all this astrology stuff with the understanding that we are logical beings that shouldn't rely on stars for our decisions. And I also know that as a Christian, I'm not supposed to place any kind of trust in astrology... although I can't help but think about how we also say that God placed every star in the sky so who are we to not believe that he might have laid out some answers for us that we are too busy looking past? Blasphemy, I know. But I still can't help but wonder how much the celestial beings in our universe impact our lives.

Whatever you might believe about astrology or God or my sanity, tonight's moon is hanging gloriously low in the sky, lighting up the wet streets in my neighborhood with a fantastic glow.

And I'll continue making room for magic to happen.