Surrendering to Magic

Do you know what happens when you make room for magic to happen? It does.

It happens in ways you never could have planned, so don't bother trying to minimize it by breaking it into a To Do list. You just have to know that whatever is coming your way will show up the way it's supposed to and you just have to surrender to it all.

That's the tough part.


Surrender is scary. Surrender means you wake up in the middle of the night sometimes wondering what the heck you are doing and questioning why you aren't gripping tighter. And even some mornings, after the light has taken over the darkness, you still might walk around questioning your every move. There's not always a goal because you are surrendered to possibility. How do you quantify possibility? You can't! And your non-plan sounds crazy to friends and family... and to yourself, if you're being really honest.

Sometimes, I do age math in my head. I add ten then twenty years and I think about how quickly the last ten and twenty came and went. I think, "You better get to work now! You need to stop all this nonsense and snap into harsh reality NOW!!" These are the moments that can make life really scary... for me anyway.

But you make room for magic anyway.

And then magic happens.

And you just take in the moment and smile.