Aiming Low Rocks Again!

Looking back on this year, it seems that our little band of bloggers who mom and commune on-line seems to have escaped the drama of 2009.

Saying goodbye to that year was a bittersweet relief. We had crossed an invisible line into a New Year where we all hoped, wished, and prayed (except for my atheist friends who just hoped and prayed) that 2010 would bring healing and comfort to our friends and to us.

In August of this year, at BlogHer in New York, we had a bit of a Kumbaya session where Loralee, Kim, Cecily, and Anissa spoke about grief. That was the first time I had seen Anissa again since her stroke. Thinking about that moment, when I got to hug her in her chair and thank Peter for his strength, makes me tear up still (which is kind of embarrassing since I'm typing this in the middle of Barnes & Noble and the guy across from me is looking a wee bit uncomfortable. Anyway...) That session was the moment I think we all got to reconcile our feelings as a group, both in person and virtually, from such an emotionally devastating year.

Fast forward to today.

It's a new chapter of fantabulousness!! Aiming Low, Anissa's dream child, relaunches with Anissa back at the helm (YEAH BABY!!) and Cecily and Kim (and ME and a whole slew of super awesome ladies) writing.

When Anissa first contacted me to ask if I was interested in writing, I jumped up and down in my kitchen. I told The Sugar Babies who jumped up and down, too, because although they have never met Anissa, they know the whole story and love her like an Aunty. I cried then too, but the babies understood why.


As exciting as this all is for me personally (except for the PMS), I want to make sure you know that you MUST go over there right now and read, gush, comment, and subscribe because you don't want to miss all the fun and, of course, all the EZPZ posts where we share how to do practically nothing and still come out looking fabulous... ish. Because Martha Stewart is the devil and Mac & Cheese is good.

And who else gets The Bloggess as their mascot? Huh, bitches??

Go Team!