Big Foot Lives!

My grandmother ("Nana" to us grandkids) was one of those people you would see at the grocery store reaching for the National Enquirer because someone had just spotted Elvis. And ever since she saw that UFO, she liked being on top of the latest alien sightings. But nothing interested her more than the half-man/half-beast: Big Foot.

She watched every single documentary that ever came up on Sasquatch. Since, I loved hanging out with her on the couch watching whatever she was watching, my mind naturally buzzed with the legend of the Yetti. Our bond was woven through hours of Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of.

If she was alive today, I would totally get this for her for Christmas:

I think Nana would be tickled to know that this little Big Foot is not only alive and well, but also quite the entertainer. He can walk, talk, chew, throw a ball, exercise, and even burp! When he's sleepy, he sleeps. When he's hungry he eats. He can even be controlled by wireless remote (a function I think she might have liked with us kids).

Alas, my sweet Nana is no longer with us. So who should I give this Big Foot to??? Hmmmm...

Do YOU want it?

Leave me a comment with your favorite legend or conspiracy theory for your chance to win this handsome little monster. Winner will be chosen Wednesday, December 8 and will be sent directly from Big Fuel PR to you, which is good, because you all know how much I personally suck at getting prizes out from the Sugar Shack.

Good luck!


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Disclosure: Big Fuel paid me to be one of their Big Foot elves this holiday season.