Tequila Tuesday - Marcela Margarita

The Marcela Margarita is a bubbly tequila drink based on a drink called a Paloma. I can remember so many hot sticky summers in Mexico, baking in the sun, swatting away mosquitos, and being refreshed by a bubbly Tequila drink... or three. Chef Marcela took that tasty drink to a whole other level. THIS is what I'll be sipping this summer... and maybe also this Sunday.

MARCELA MARGARITA (aka: Grapefruit Margarita)

This drink is sweet and tangy and pairs perfectly with tequila. Great for a hot summer day.

Yield-4 servings

Ingredients 6oz Sauza ® Silver Tequila 32 oz club soda 4 tbsp. granulated sugar 4 grapefruits (juice only) or 12 -18 oz grapefruit juice

Method of Preparation: Combine all ingredients in a pitcher. Mix well. Serve cold.

Buen Provecho!