Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Just in case you don't follow every one of my pithy and sometimes inappropriate tweets on Twitter, you missed the fact that @TLanceB won Big Foot. He received it last week, thereby proving that it is better for the prizes to come from PR companies and marketing departments than from me. Otherwise, Lance's little girl would not be opening up her own personal legend on Christmas morning. And then there would be crying. Maybe some therapy. Possibly some drinking. I just can't have a little girl drinking...

As for the winner of Season 1 of Community on DVD... that prize goes to Lauren N. Please email me at sugar @ sugarjones (dot) TV with your mailing address. And if you don't have the DVDs by this time next year, feel free to slam me for my ineptitude on a really popular magazine type site that all my blogging buddies read causing me to be embarrassed and consider deleting it all and going to work at the Starbucks up the street. Not that that's ever happened to me...

This takes me to the winners of the five Prayers for Bobby DVDs:

  • Michael Rutledge
  • Jean "Toonces"
  • Cylithria
  • Adrienne VH
  • Ofelia NJ

Please send your addresses to me at sugar @ sugarjones (dot) TV. These DVDs will be sent directly from the marketing company, so thankfully, you won't have to write a nasty post about me.

And just in case you all are wondering how I choose my winners, I'll tell you my big secret. I let the kids choose a number (or numbers) between one and whatever. It's all very scientific.