I’m Owning It ALL!

This year has been a roller coaster ride; one that I'm glad I got to experience... even the parts that made me feel more than a little sick. So many times, I wasn't sure what the next day would bring and whether or not I could handle it. So many of those days, I just wanted to pull the covers over my head and pretend I was anywhere but in my own life. Still, I kept getting up and out of bed to face the day, even if sometimes there was more mascara on my cheeks than others. Looking back on 2010, there is one thing I am certain of.

I owned it all.

I owned my part in any situations I was unhappy with.

I owned the relationships I was or wasn't in.

I owned my unhappiness.

I also owned the good stuff.

I owned the decisions to let go of the bad... to change direction... getting back on my own path, regardless of the questions, concerns, and strange looks from others. This is my life, after all. At the end, I'll look back and know that I owned it all.

Don't get the wrong idea. This wasn't a completely horrible year. It's actually been quite amazing!! Sitting here, I can only recall the good that happened. The friends that lifted me up. The adventures I got to experience. The little girl dreams that have come true. Those moments were all that much sweeter because of all the crap.

Now 2011 is here and it is going to be a great year!!

I'll own the missteps.

I'll own the face plants.

I'll own the fall out from all bad decisions.

But I'll also own the triumphs, the laughter, and the days in the sun.

2011 is going to be even more amazing! I have two words... BRING IT!


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