Before I get started, he's married with a kid, so get any happy ending thoughts out of your head right now. Okay... here's the story.

After visually locating my seat for my flight to Detroit, I eyed my seat mate for the next four and a half hours. He had ear buds in. I had mine in hand. Relieved that I would only have to have a small amount of polite conversation before shutting him and the rest of the plane out, I tapped his knee to get his attention so that I could get to my window seat. As I climbed in, I saw that he was reading The Drunkard's Walk. Forgetting he had his ear buds in, I pointed and said, "I have this book." I felt bad for disrupting his peace, but he was nice enough to chat a bit about the book.

It was all up from there.

For the next four and a half hours, we talked about random coincidences in life, the auto show we were both attending and covering, amazing crazy people that change the world, yoga and spirituality, transcending money, setting intentions, realizing childhood dreams, travel, adventure, the theory of relativity, the illusion of time, international politics... and oh my God, we even talked about modern Christianity.

It seemed like the flight was over in minutes.

As we were deplaning, we both admitted that we don't ever talk to other people on the plane. I was so glad we both went against our natural inclinations. There were so many things I needed confirmed this weekend. I've been feeling burdened by questions about the direction of a few semi-critical situations that may make things not too far off in time vastly different than what they are now. Our conversation and the topics that we discussed have been heavy on my mind and I felt like it was going to be a while before I got some guidance. Then here's this guy with this book about randomness and coincidence and POOF... we started chatting. Having the answers to some of the questions I had (without me even asking), it seemed as though this guy had been placed in that seat next to me as a voice of reason in our seemingly random way of life.

And wow, did he have some amazing stories to tell.

About Deepak Chopra, Richard Branson, million dollar cars, 7 Star hotels, car races in France, and a Swiss watch that he will one day pass on to his son. He wasn't showing off when he spoke of these things. In fact, he seemed like a little boy showing you his favorite things and his eyes showed how thrilled he was to have participated in all of those events. The stories all related to our conversations about intentions, dreams, random coincidence and how it seems that everything comes together magically in time.

That was the real story.

This conversation was completely random, sparked by a book about chance and choices... and yet it seemed completely planned... a predestined appointment that I arrived at just on time.

We exchanged cards because I want to keep up on the publishing of his stories. When those go live, I'll pass them on to you and tell you what he told me about how he got the ideas, how he got the stories, and how long it took for the yesses. The stories behind the stories... seeing the actualization of intent in someone else's.... have me floating right now.

Anything is possible.