Reality of Dreams

Without belittling Dr. Martin Luther King's audacious dreams, I want to say that I too have a dream. In fact, I have LOTS of dreams! Sometimes I can get completely silly with my dreams. But those dreams are just figments of my imagination if I don't put some action to them. Still, mere random actions won't do me any good in realizing those dreams if I don't have a path... a map... a vision.

Tonight, a group of lovely ladies will be joining me at my humble little Sugar Shack for a night of visioning. We've been jotting down our thoughts and goals for the last couple of weeks, even the ones... especially the ones that scare us. Those dreams will be immortalized on a poster board with glue, magazine scraps, markers, and, if one crafty mama has her way, some good old fashioned bedazzling.

The purpose of the board isn't to just have something pretty to hang in the office. The purpose is to remind us what our dreams are. We need those reminders often. On the days that we feel like nobody heard a word we said... when we think that maybe our circumstances are good enough and we begin to fall back and settle... when we get semi insulting questions about why we do what we do... when everyone else around us seems to be moving forward while we might feel stuck in neutral... when horrible awful doubt creeps in...

we can look up at our boards and remember the dreams.

"Be realistic," you might say. "Dreams don't always come true." And to that I say, Screw being realistic! Reality can sometimes be an illusion created by our fears and past disappointments. We tell ourselves to be more realistic because, based on our limited understanding, we think there's no way to get from one point to another. We think that because the answers or the right people or the ideal circumstances aren't directly in front of us that we might be crazy for dreaming. We start to shrink away from a life that could happen rather than being alert for the random bits of amazing that we never imagined in our shorsightedness.

We say no when we should have said yes.

Our dreams can become our reality if we just surrender and let the magic happen. Reality can be our dreams coming true on a daily basis because we stopped trying to control the process, and instead, saw a road where there was once just a bunch of trees. Reality could be a life filled with adventures and moments of pure bliss. How amazing would that be? When we can envision the possibilities, impossible seems, well... impossible.

The little girl that I posted a few days ago had lots of dreams. They were pretty cool ones, too! Some have already come true. Others are still in progress. It makes me happy to think that I've taken good care of her dreams. I could probably just say, "Well, we got most of them. Good enough." Or I could sit with her down at the beach, look into her sparkly little girl eyes, giggle about all the neat stuff we've done so far... and I can ask her:

"What else do you wanna do?"


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