No Free Lunches

This post is not meant for everyone. This post is meant for the dreamers. The ones that want to work at writing and producing great things because it is their passion. It is what they were put on this earth to do. It’s for the people that go beyond, that reach out on a limb, even if they think they're out there all by themselves. There are no free lunches. You know this. Those free lunches that you think are going to get you somewhere may actually be keeping you from a greater feast.

Your own journey to success.

There is no easy road to the top. You have to work at it. Work on your content. Innovate. Be bold. Be different. Think beyond that swag bag to what can be five years down the line. Will you be looking back saying that you had a lot of fun drinking mimosas at a store you can never buy anything from, or will you be looking back at the things that sparked your imagination and made you grow into the amazing person that created a living from all that you learned?

I always tear up thinking of all the stuff we’ve been through... not just the few of us here in San Diego, but the greater group across the country and into Canada. We have done amazing things. AMAZING!!! We have created something where there once was nothing. NOTHING!!! Just thoughts. Ideas. Love of life. And it all spread like wildfire through a community of passionate people. People living out loud. People speaking boldly. People lifting each other up and looking around to see who else needed anything. And then more people came along because they wanted to live and speak boldly, too! It was a time when nobody cared about traffic.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have no idea what my traffic is. Someone else monitors that for me because she thinks I’m crazy for not watching it daily. I have a vague number that I give people if asked (which is usually lower than my actual traffic) and I sometimes check Alexa (which I do NOT game, by the way), but only when I have to. Mostly, I get asked to do stuff because I’m just being myself.

I’ll let you in on another little secret. I don’t always say yes to stuff. I have turned down invitations to parties and events, as well as opportunities to earn money because they didn't resonate with me or because they were things that didn't line up with my content. Or, quite frankly, because they weren't in line with my core beliefs and values.

Crazy, right?

Some of you are just starting out and I know you are so excited when you get an invitation to do some really cool things. It’s so exciting to be asked to the party. It’s a thrill to open up those emails and see that you got asked to the dance! Just remember that they are asking you, not because they are cool, but because YOU are!! You are creating and sharing and living. The boss needs YOU. You also need to be picky who you say yes to. That boss can get you a cool invite right now, but if you just sit some parties out and get back to creating, you’ll get your own damn invites.

And when you do get those invites on your own, ask yourself if the purpose of that event lines up with your goals... your core values... your dreams. The you that you are when nobody’s looking. If yes, vaya con Dios! If no... well... is it really worth a meal or some swag?

Right now I just want to grab some of you by the shoulders and yell into your face that you are good enough and smart enough and pretty enough. I want to tell you that you are better than a free lunch. I think you know this... but maybe... maybe you just needed a reminder. I know I sometimes need that reminder, too.

I also want to grab you by the shoulders and look into your face and thank you.

Thank you for your words.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Thank you for your experiences.

Thank you for enriching us all with them.

Don’t sell yourself out for that free lunch. You are worth so much more. More than a feast. More than a year of feasts. Sit at the table with the passionate people... the ones that reached out on a limb and found that they were not alone, but surrounded by a community of people on fire.

It’s a hell of a lot more fun.


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