Plant Your Own Garden

It's been a tough day. One that I'm glad to see the sun setting on.

At one point, I was in my old neighborhood visitng a friend. The gold rays of the afternoon cast down on the canyon along a road I used to take multiple times a day. It all seemed so familiar.

Including the feeling of aloneness.

I haven't felt that feeling for a long time. But today... today I was reminded of it. For a brief, haunting moment.

I'm realizing that even at forty, I am very naive about people.

But some people are still true to who I thought they were. Back when I used to live in that neighborhood, I spent many long nights reading the words of a beautiful blogger that I now have the honor of calling my friend.

Today she posted this.

And everything else I was going to write flew away.

Because that was exactly what I wanted to say.