A Little Catching Up and Disclosing

Well, hi!! It has been over a week since I last posted, and in that time, I've accomplished quite a bit of off-line work. It will all eventually end up back ON-line, but I needed to take a moment to get some ground work done.

I guess you could say, I've been planting my own garden.

I have a few projects that I've been wanting to get moving on but haven't had the time or money to do so. Thankfully, I just found both. I'll tell you where the time came from. It was a tough decision, but I sent The Sugar Babies back to regular school. When we started the fall season, I was on the fence about another year of homeschool. This was the year I had intended for them to return to school, but I thought the part time option of charter school might work for my schedule. It helped, but not totally, especially now that I'm officially a single mom with work to do. There was finally a moment when I looked up and saw that my kids weren't getting their schoolwork done because of all of my deadlines. The transition has been very positive. The kids are happy. I'm getting a ton of work completed.

It's all good.

As for money, I'm actually getting some paying gigs. Which is good, because you know... rent. Some of those places that I get paid (in cash, or in kind) will end up here and on Twitter. And since I beg ask you guys to follow me on Twitter through this blog, I feel the need to cross-disclose. Here are some of the awesome people I write and tweet and do stuff for:

Park City Mountain Resort - I'm one of the official Snow Mamas for the mountain. How stoked was I to get asked to come back for a second year? VERY!! My job is to write ten posts per season, keep a trip diary when I'm in Park City, and tweet anything Park City that I might come across. In return, my kids and I get season passes and five night's lodging. My kids were excited, too. They are dying to head back up to the snow and get some more snowboarding lessons in. Did you see MY snowboarding lessons?

Snow Mamas Learning to Snow Board from Sugar Jones on Vimeo.

I also work with Nintendo as a Wii Ambassador. Really, that's all for The Sugar Babies. I need to bank some cool points for the teen years. They're coming fast!! But really, we all enjoy the Wii games, especially Wii Party with Board Game Island. Plus, I am totally digging the internet hookup that connects me to news, weather, shopping and HELLO... NETFLIX!! The Wii has become our complete family entertainment system.

A couple of weeks ago, I flew up for a meeting in San Jose. This meeting was a long time in coming. Over two years, in fact. The idea was planted at a fabulous all day event in San Francisco at the Clift Hotel way back. I remember it like it was yesterday. Except that it wasn't. It was TWO YEARS AGO. Fast forward to now... I am one of the official members of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board. Woo hoo!!

Most of the other moms on the board are having their teens go through the treatment. I am actually going to be going through treatment myself. Don't tell me there's nothing wrong with my teeth. As my orthodontist put it, "This is one doozy of a case." The cool thing about this whole project is that we're sort of a test case for social media and medical device companies. You think the FTC is strict? Try working with FDA guidelines on top of that! So at the end of it all, I'll have a new bite AND a case study to look back on. Kinda geekin' out about the case study. I'll be posting updates on my treatment. I still haven't decided if I'm brave enough to show you the pictures of my jacked up teeth... the ones you don't see in my pictures because I'm always angling my face and mouth in a way that hides the issues. I also can't wait to smile without worrying about all that.

If you want to learn more about teens and Invisalign or have any questions, go to Moms On Braces. There's a forum where you can ask questions that any of the MAB members or other community members will be able to answer.

((Side Note: The best projects sometimes take longer to get going on. My advice? Be patient. It'll be worth the wait.))

Okay... almost done...

I'm also on the Vick's VapoRub Bloggers Brigade. Why did I agree to this one? Because right now, there is a jar of Vick's sitting at my bedside. There always has been... at least ever since I became a mom 22 years ago. Before that, the jar was at my mom's bedside. And before that, it was at my grandma's bedside. To us, the smell of Vick's just means "Mom Loves You." More on this later in the week...

So if you see me write about these guys or tweet with the hashtags #Wii #SnowMamas #Invisalign or #Vicks, know that I am being compensated in some way. I'm pretty sure that's all the disclosing I need to do right now. If I missed anything, I'm sure SOME concerned citizen will point it out to me.