The Green Jar

She was in that middle state of sleep. The point where there still weren't any dreams happening, but she was falling into a state of rest where she had lost awareness of the room around her. Her body wrapped in the warmth of her comforter. From down the hall, the crackling sound of a child's cough breaks the silence.

Within moments, the mother's eyes open. Something's wrong. With another cough ringing through the hallway, the mother understands that her child is not well. She pulls aside the comfort of her covers, reaches for the green jar on her night stand, the same jar her own mother had on her night stand, and walks directly to the bedside of her coughing child.

Another cough... from another room... this one thirty years later. Now I am the mother and my daughter is coughing. I pull my covers back, reach for the green jar on my night stand, and head to my daughter's bedside to comfort her the same way my mom did for me.

In our family, taking care of the kids smells like Vicks VapoRub. It's the first thing I reach for when I hear the crackling of a cough from down the hall. Once that ointment is rubbed on chest, throat, and nose, the breathing is eased and we can all return to a peaceful night's sleep.


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Disclosure: I am a member of the Vicks' Bloggers Brigade! That means that I am being compensated to pass on information about my family's favorite green jar of goodness.