So I Talked to a Psychic...

I don't practice Santeria. I ain't got no crystal ball.

But I had an assignment...

The other night, I called to get a psychic reading. I'll admit that I went in with a bit of a cynical attitude. I wasn't going to give up any information. I was going to keep my voice monotone, not giving away any feelings. I was going to wait and see what the psychic had to say.

The results of the call were very interesting.

After dialing in my passcodes, I listened to several psychic bios. I came across one with a strong New York accent that claimed to give it to you straight, no dancing around. I figured a little straight talk from a No-B.S.-New-Yorker was exactly what I needed, so... what the heck?! I punched in her extension and a few moments later, I was starting my psychic reading.

As planned, I didn't give this gal any details, just three names of people that I've been dealing with that I listed by name without any inflection that might give away my feelings about any of them. With that limited information, she was able to tell me that I had ambivalence towards one, negative feelings towards another, and positive feelings about the third. Funny thing is that I was feeling confused about all, but really... when she went deeper, she was right about my true feelings. She then went on to tell me that one of these people was causing me to lose too much positive energy and to not waste any more time there. Then, she was able to tell me how big the positive vibe was on one (and wow... she was right on that one, too) and to definitely investigate that further.

This call reminded me of a conversation I had once with a friend that has been a psychic for twenty years. She said that in all that time, there was one thing she knew to be true: People already know the things that she reveals, but that they either bury or ignore the truth of those feelings for whatever reason.

I hung up the phone and spent the rest of the evening thinking about my psychic reading and why I was ignoring the positive and the negative feelings. Why was I concerned about hurting the feelings of someone that clearly doesn't care about mine? Why wouldn't I want to follow up on the positive interaction with the third person? It definitely made me think about where these people belong (or if they belonged) in my life. Lots of navel gazing and understanding my "deserve levels" and all kinds of introspective babble that probably doesn't need to be recounted here.

But it was definitely a very interesting call.

*** Have you ever had a psychic reading? What were the results? Did you find things being revealed that you knew deep down or did you think it was all a bunch of hooey? Leave me a comment!