In an Instant

For the last couple of weeks, I've been meeting with a gentleman named Don to interview him about health and wellness. It's been really fascinating to hear how he came about all of his information and knowledge and how he has spent the last thirty years teaching people how to live better lives. One thing is clear, though. He never begged or pleaded with any of those people to get them to want to live better. They had to want it for themselves or he wasn't wasting his time. I've asked him so many questions about nutrition and exercise (physical), and inevitably, our conversation goes back to the decisions people make in their lives (psychological). We've talked about what people do to their bodies, but we've also talked about how the decisions people make create the life, good or bad, that they live. His passion is to see people willing to live more fulfilling lives get there.

It's been a great experience having these conversations on a regular basis. The more we talk, the more energized I get. I leave our meetings pumped up and ready to take on the world! Or, at the very least, wanting to eat more veggies. I usually leave with one nugget of simple brilliance to contemplate until our next chat.

The one that's been on my mind so much lately is the one about change. "You know when change happens?" I reviewed all of our conversations in my head looking for the right answer. I wanted to seem enlightened after all of our conversations, but I couldn't think of a Don-like answer. So I just shook my head "no" and waited for his answer.

"Change," he said, "happens in an instant."

He went on to talk about how once we decide to do something, we do it. I might have blinked a few times trying to let this simple concept sink in. I couldn't ever remember just *POOF* changing. Seeing my bewilderment, he went on to explain. It's all the time we spend talking ourselves into change, overnoodling what it will take to make the changes, how it will affect our social lives, what others might think... all that other crap is what takes what seems like forever, making change seem like an exhaustive process.

But really, the actual moment that we decide to change our behaviors and lead a better life... that moment happens in an instant.

You know what He's right.

Peace, Love, and Sugar