Bye Bye Puffy Eyes

This is no secret... I love my lash extensions!! But sometimes, they are eclipsed by my puffy eyes. Luckily, the same company that makes my lash extensions also makes a great product to take care of the puffiness. Xtreme Lashes has a full line of eye products, including my newest favorite product for the peepers, the Hydrating Under Eye Gel Patches. How well do these patches work? Check out these pictures from the other morning:

Here I am, bright and early. Ain't I a beauty?

Clearly, I have no shame.


These soft patches are self-adhesive and fit comfortably under the eyes. They don't lift, so once they are on, you can go about the rest of your morning routine. This particular morning, I put my hydrating under eye gel pads on and drove to meet a friend for coffee.

By the time I got to the cafe thirty minutes later, I had avoided many strange looks from people in other cars stopped at red lights next to me, AND... my eyes looked like this:

MUCH better!

Thanks to the lovely team at @XtremeLashes for providing my breakfast guests in Austin with these Hydrating Under Eye Gel Pads as part of our SxSW Survival Kit. They were much appreciated!