The Lingering Cough

We're already at the end of the third month of the year... already a couple of weeks into Spring... and still, the winter cough lingers. We've had an unusually wet winter this year. It's been great for our state. Our governor recently announced the end of a three-year drought. Since I was a little kid, I've known that water is precious here, so when people complain about the rain, I have to remind them that we really need it.

What we don't need are the colds and coughs.

The persistent rattling of yuck in the back of my kids' throats has been making me a little crazy! I was ready to blame the kids' enrollment in full-time school for the lingering cough. Turns out, cold viruses are most easily transmitted during the cold and wet months of the year. Staying indoors when it's too wet to go out and play makes it easier for viruses to spread. Adding to that, keeping a room or house closed up for warmth also adds to the problem, since transmission often occurs through coughs and sneezes in poorly ventilated rooms.

There is one thing that has always works in keeping those nasty little germs at bay... washing your hands! I am always sending The Sugar Babies back to the bathroom to wash their hands, and they both have anti-bacterial cleansers in their classrooms that their teachers have them use when entering the classroom. While we can't avoid 100% of the bugs floating in the air or on desks and doorknobs, we can minimize how many of those bugs get to us in those confined quarters as we wait out the rains.

The Centers for Disease Control has a great article about how best to keep your hands clean.

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