Burn Baby Burn

Two things happened in the last month. I stopped doing my own laundry.

I gained five pounds.

At first, I thought that my pants were fitting tighter because the lady at the fluff & fold shrunk them. But then I found out that she washes everything in cold.


So I guess I gained a little weight in Texas. All that barbecue was so damn tasty. It was totally worth a few temporary pounds. I never did get to have that beef in a whaffle cone thing. Gonna have to go back for that. Anyway...

It took a few weeks, but I'm back on my regular yoga schedule... back to drinking less beer and more water... and back to eating lots better.

Here are some foods I'll be tossing in to get back to my pre-Austin weight:

Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

It ain't barbecue... but it's good.