Ten Things I Learned About SanDiego

Last Saturday, my good friend, Sondra (aka @Hip_M0M) and I were in the Fiji Water Social Media Scavenger Hunt. We didn't win the trip to Fiji. And for some unknown reason, we didn't win best team uniform.

I'm still irritated about that.

As with any scavenger hunt, the objective is to collect items on the hunt list. But this was a Social Media scavenger hunt, so Foursquare check-ins and Twitter were heavily employed. Once we found the answers to the clues given, we had to either check-in, send a picture, or simply tweet the answer. All answers had to include the clue number, the hashtag (#fijihunt), and the exact verbiage, when given.

We were quite the team. We knew where most of the locations were and were often the first to arrive. We translated clues from morse code and Arabic. We used our iPhones like the Social Media pros that we are!

Until they died.

Yeah... they died.

BOTH of them!

With only forty minutes left in the game, my battery died. I usually have an iGo charger with me, but I left it in Seattle a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, Sondra had already logged into Foursquare for us.

UNfortunately, her iPhone 3 decided to freeze and stay frozen.

At first, we didn't try her portable charger on my iPhone 4 because she said it wouldn't fit. Don't tell her, but when I went to see if it would fit, I was planning to shove it in and risk breaking the sides off. Hey, I was desperate!! Lucky for our friendship, it slid right in and started to recharge.

We still would have been okay if we hadn't been delayed earlier at the fish taco place. That was one of our clues, so we HAD to order one and eat it. But the guy making it spaced and didn't see our order. I guess he got distracted by the fedoras feather boas. Eventually, we got our fish tacos AND discovered the best ones in San Diego. They would have been worth the wait any other day.

Except for the whole battery and freezing iPhone thing.

I think we still might have been okay, if it weren't for catchy songs from the 80s. I might have cost us the game when I tweeted "balloons" instead of "globes" on this clue.

I blame Nena.

I was humming a song. It's what I do when I'm nervous. I hum songs. Usually it's the Star Spangled Banner. I'm serious. But this time, the songs were anything that popped into my Adult ADD'd mind when reading the clues. When I was reading the words that we were supposed to use in answering the clue (giving the number of globes at a particular restaurant), I naturally started singing 99 Neuf Balloons.

And so I typed "balloons" instead of "globes". Even though there were 24 globes at a Japanese restaurant, not 99 in Germany. Because that's how my mind works under pressure.

But we looked good, right?

So here they are...

Ten Things I Learned About San Diego on the Fiji Water Scavenger Hunt

1. Nana was right... there WAS a lot of whorring back in the day!

2. Our red lamp district used to be called The Stingaree. There is now a sexy little night club called The Stingaree on 6th at Island. However, no hookers are employed there today.

3. Ida Bailey was the madam at Canary Cottage, the most respectable brothel in The Stingaree. (I'm well aware of the contradictions in that term.)

4. According to the oldest house in the Gaslamp, The Davis House, Edinburgh, Scotland is our sister city.

5. There's an old candy factory right next to the Padres ballpark. Did you know this? I didn't! The three story brick building that was home to Showley Bros Candy Factory is now being used for retail, restaurants, and office space.

6. Wyatt Earp spent a lot of time in San Diego.

7. The District of Columbia celebrates Emancipation Day. That's why taxes were due on the 18th this year. (Okay, this one's not about San Diego, but we were the first to answer thanks to my Twitter pal, @CaliforniaKara who works at Turbo Tax IN San Diego, so...)

8. Fiji Water delivers to your home or office. I know, right?

9. There are ten blades on the rapidly spinning fan that keeps BASIC cool. Also, the bartenders there are cool with or without the fans. They wouldn't answer the question to any other contestants that called in to get the answer. They made everyone show up and count them themselves. Fair's fair!

And last but not least...

10. There are 24 red globes hanging at Ra Sushi. Not balloons.