New Beginning

There has been a big change in my life recently, but fear held me back from sharing. Not fear of the situations. Fear of your criticism. I also held back from sharing because, quite honestly, I don't want anyone's advice. I just want to share.

Not because I think my situation is so unique, but for the exact opposite reason. My circumstances are very common. I know that chances are high that one of you reading this is going through very similar life situations.

At the risk of having my words thrown back in my face... at the risk of looking like a fool... I'm going to let you in on something. My almost ex-husband and I are reconciling.

Crazy, right?

What is happening in our lives right now is far too tender to throw out to the wolves that love to hate, but I wanted to share with those that have been kind and compassionate through a really difficult time in my life. Will you understand? I'm not sure. The story of our coming back together is hard for even me to believe... but then not really.

Neither of us are the same. We are both completely different than the two broken people that shouldn't have ever come together in marriage nearly eleven years ago. There are still wounds that need to heal... hurts that I had let go of when I walked away from that part of my life... but that now must be addressed if we are to begin on a new path together.

And so there it is. My big news about our new beginning.

Hold me.