Brand You: Living Your Passions

This past Saturday, I brought together a panel of "passionistas" to discuss branding. But not really.

The panel title was "Passion IRL: Creating a Brand Based on Your Passions." All of my panelists and I tend to live out loud, on line and off. We've all come to a place where we care less about what any detractors might say and more about living true to our passions. That way of living has made each of our individual purposes, in business and personal lives, clearer.

Passion and Purpose

Kara talked about the community she created by sharing her infertility struggles. Putting her background in journalism to work, she has become a resource to couples seeking more information on line. Her posts have even been linked to by national infertility groups.

Rob talked about enjoying his life to the fullest and creating a fun persona of the Unofficial Ambassador of Downtown San Diego. Rob now organizes events throughout our fine city, generating buzz for venues and vendors.

Sondra talked about holding on to her "hip" life before motherhood. At Happy Healthy Hip, Sondra encourages others to honor their true selves to be better parents and spouses. She also talked about the survey that she gave me that changed how I approach people and opportunities in my life. This test helps you better understand yourself, honoring the things that make you live with passion.

Your Own Understanding

The Ultimate Life Tool is a deeper personality test that takes into consideration your physical traits, what motivates you, your personal boundaries, how you communicate, and your perception of the world around you. It goes further than the typical personality tests you might have taken in the past. I know for me, reading my results was incredibly validating. Something clicked in me when I took that survey and I have never been the same.

Panel Presentation

If you weren't able to make it to my panel at the Social Media Camp in San Diego, you can still see the slides here. We could have talked all day about these seven simple slides. In fact, Sondra and I will be putting something very special together where we CAN talk about it all day. More to come...

If you'd like to receive The Y.O.U. Ultimate Life Tool Report, click over to the survey page. Use code CMYCG to get a special reader discount. Your report will be delivered instantly to your private email.

Peace, Love, and Sugar