Twitter: They Sing Your Tweets

Have you seen these guys?

A few weeks ago, the @WeSingYourTweets guys caught a tweet-slash-meltdown that I was having.

I made the mistake of going to Target the day before Easter. My daughter needed a pair of shoes to go with her Easter outfit and, Target being my go-to store for cute flats these days, I didn't think twice about heading over there.

Once I walked in, I started to hyperventilate.

I hate shopping. I get all stabby, rashy and claustrophobic. Don't get me wrong. I love buying myself things. I just hate the act of shopping, especially in stores where pushy people are pushing their rattly wheeled shopping carts. Regular weekends at Target can be hairy enough, but the day before Easter, with plastic grass and vinyl baskets flying everywhere, it was holy hell!

I stopped for a moment to tweet my anxiety:

The harmonic duo saw that tweet and decided to put it to music. Because that's what they do. They sing our tweets. In fact, they have quite an extensive library of tweets that they've sung, catching the attention of some media outlets. Check out their interview with CBS. I know, right? I'm half way through their Top 10 for this week.

Now I want a banjo.

Thanks Kevyn and Jeremy! Glad to know my anxiety attack was not wasted.