Working the Weight Off

So... I gained more than five pounds after my trip to Austin. It was more like 5 in Austin... then 5 more for good measure.

On top of that, I still had a little under 10 pounds to go to hit my weight goal before gaining those ten. I'll blame it on all the reuniting celebration dinners and the travel that has all but turned my yoga practice upside down.

I now have 17 pounds to lose.

But rather than sit and cry into a bag of Ruffles or wash down my guilt with another glass of Pinot Grigio, I'm going to get back to working out and work this weight off. Here's my plan:

Weight Loss Action Item #1: Stop eating out so damn much! The food has been so delicious, and it's been nice going out on romantic dinners at the beach again, but even the fish and vegetable choices at most restaurants are made with more butter and oil than is recommended when trying to lose weight. Not to mention, the portions are usually out of control. I never eat the entire dish, saving the extras for leftover lunches, but then I'm still consuming more fat than necessary.

Weight Loss Action Item #2: Workout while traveling. One thing that derailed me the last couple of months was being out of town so much. I used to workout a minimum of six hours a week. Going down to practically zero was not great on the weight loss. But on my last trip, I packed a bathing suit, shorts, a jog bra, and my runners. I am proud to say that I used them all. Which is good, because all we did on that trip was eat.

Weight Loss Action Item #3: (This one is the most needed for me) Get back to my regular yoga classes and add weight training to twice a week. I get a great core workout doing yoga. I actually have a pretty hard body under all this fluff. But as much as I love the booty that yoga creates, I want to mix it up with some weight training.

Recently, I had an intro session at Flo Fusion Fitness in San Diego. Flora Hyacinth is a three time Olympian who challenges her trainees to find the Olympian within. I know I have one in there somewhere... I just gotta lose some of this weight so that I can find her.

So, since I'm all about keeping it real, here's my before picture:

Yep... definitely have some weight to work off.

Flora's Flo Fusion workout combines resistence (weights and pulleys) with core floor exercises that engage arms, legs, and abs all at once. I was strong enough to get through the workout, but it definitely kicked my ass. And that's exactly what I needed.

But before we got down to working out, I had to meet with the doctor.

Oh hey... Flora IS a doctor! In addition to being a three time Olympian and trainer, Flora is also a chiropractor. That was another reason I was interested in training with her. I've been dealing with some recent injuries and didn't want to exacerbate them by jumping into a routine without addressing my issues. She did a pre-workout exam addressing the problems, as well as her regular exam in order to create a better workout experience for me. Turns out, aside from my known issues, my balance is slightly out of whack. The very foundation, my feet, are not properfly balanced when standing. I found out after my foot scan.

Flora had me stand on this nifty little foot scanner:

The scanner is hooked up to her computer, inputting my results directly into my fitness profile. Here are the results of the scan:

The feet on the right are two properly balanced tootsies. The ones on the left are mine. Not so hot. She recommended I use orthotics, to which I recoiled and said something like "Holy Shit, I AM old!" She laughed and told me that most people need them, but that they walk around in pain and off balance because they don't know that they're off. She assured me that once my feet are properly balanced, my knees, hips, and upper body will line up  and I'll have better overall posture leading to optimal health.

Okay fine. Orthotics it is.

Once we were done with all that, we went out onto the floor for my workout. I grabbed several different sizes of hand weights, then strapped my feet into these weighted pulleys:

Once my feet were securely fastened, I did several sets of floor exercises that engaged my core, arms, and legs all at once. Here's one:

Above the weight machines, a big screen has the floor exercises in order and a video demonstrates how to properly execute them. Flora started me on Level 3 (there are several levels to keep you challenged) because I already have a strong core and challenged me to push past my current fitness level at each step. She also corrected my form to make sure I was getting the most out of each move. After each round, she asked if I needed water. Staying properly hydrated is as important as breathing when working out. I sipped a bit in between, but once the workout was complete...


My plan is to add this workout, starting in June, twice a week and get back to my regular yoga schedule now. On the days that I'm traveling, those workouts will have to be replaced by a swim or some time on the treadmill. I might need some of you to show up and kick my ass some of those days.


Flora is having a deal for moms through that ends this Sunday. She's offering a massage with the purchase of five training sessions. Lose weight AND get pampered? Sounds like a deal to me!

More details about Flora, her trainers, and her awesome workouts on her Facebook page: