Sweet Strawberries

Hi. I'm not home right now. I'm busy enjoying a road trip up North. I'm in Monterey right now as a guest of the California Strawberry Commission. Living along the coast of California, strawberries are special to me. So when I was asked to come on this trip, I jumped at the chance. This evening we were treated to an amazing menu that included strawberries in every course. This was the coup de grace: Tomorrow, I'll be on a tour with four other bloggers from different U.S. regions to learn about the process of bringing California strawberries from the farm to the table. Participants will tour a strawberry farm and cooler, hear about the nutritional benefits of strawberries  and learn tips on how to incorporate this favorite superfruit into your family’s every day diet.

Follow the #CAStrawberryTour conversation on Twitter tomorrow as the other Strawberry Girls and I slop through muddy fields and learn all there is to know about strawberries. Who are the other ladies?

PS: The California Strawberry Commission is currently giving away a recipe book a day through the end of May. Go check out the details on their Facebook page: Facebook.com/CAStrawberries