You Don't Need a Blog

Blogging is the new black. Everybody's doing it.

It's popular.


So why the heck would I say you don't need one?

Because sometimes, they get in the way of a good idea.

The Blogging Disease

Bloggers have a disease: Blogitis. If you've taken any kind of medical terminology class (and really, who hasn't?) you know that "-itis" means "inflammation of." Once you have one blog and one idea, the flood gates open. Soon you have twenty-two URLs... one for every new idea that month. Then, you start to get more critical of design. You get all psychotic about how a blog will look. You get obsessed with templates. You stop only to rethink the way you will share your brilliant new idea. The longer you think, the more bells and whistles you add. Soon it becomes a very expensive idea that killed the original simple brilliance. Like an 800lb gorilla that squashed your little kitten by hugging too tightly.

Then another idea comes along (ooohhh SHINY!!) that is less painful to think about than your original awesome idea, and POOF... the original idea dies. Not because it wasn't good, but because you over-noodled it to death.

And yes, by you, I meant me.

Curing Blogitis

I was talking to a friend last night. She has a fabulous idea. What she doesn't have is the money to have someone build a great blog for her, so she's thinking about hosting it on a free platform that just recently sucked thousands of bloggers' posts into a black hole. I have a fabulous idea that I've been tossing around for several months now. I talk and talk and talk about it, but I haven't had the money for the design end, either. We know enough to make a few changes to an existing design, but we're not crazy about code. Nor do we want to be. We're the idea people. The big idea people with little idea budgets. Our ideas are pretty simple, but they'll die if Blogitis sets in before we can get the blog designed.

Champagne wishes. Beer budget.

I had been tossing another idea around recently. This idea seemed like the perfect solution to our shared problem. Why not just create a newlsetter while the site is being built? There are a plethora of inexpensive newsletter campaign companies that offer a variety of simple designs, will track your numbers, and help to build a decent following for our big ideas.

And no matter what people say, email is not dead. In fact, email is still the number one way people opt to receive their information. In fact, with the proliferation of smart phones, more and more messages are getting to the masses through email between classes, appointments, at lunch or any other down times of the day. They're not pulling up blogs. They're reading email. Emails that are not dead.

Because we are both bloggers and have been for years now, it's hard for us to remember that there are other ways to share our ideas with people. It's also hard for us to remember that keeping it simple allows the reader to hear the message. It's hard for us to believe that anyone could care about messages not being shared on a blog.

And yes, by us, I still meant me.

The Truth

The truth is, you don't need a blog to get the word out. There are people waiting to hear what you have to say right now, no matter how snazzy your header looks or what colors you use for your links and background.

A single mom needs advice on how to keep her sanity. A gardener needs to know what fertilzer is best for the petunias she's planting. A traveler needs to know where to get the best margarita in San Diego is. Someone needs your information right now. Don't get hung up on how you share. Just share!

Do you have an idea that is suffering from blogitis? There are lots of cures. Don't let blogitis kill another brilliant idea. Just find another way to get the information to those who need it while you build that blog.