Staycation and Other McWords

There are some words I can see or hear that bother me to no end. When I hear certain made up words, I get all rashy. I seriously start to itch. Anything written or said after one of these McWords is completely lost on me. All I hear is "mwah mwah mwah blah blah" because I'm tossing the word around in my head, wondering who said it first and how it evolved into being a word that was added to Webster's Dictionary.

Staycation is one of those words.

With summer comes the onslaught of Staycation posts. I get it. It's a good topic for traffic. But that word just BUGS me. Not that bugs are actually crawling all over me when I hear or read that word... although it does feel like it. "Bug" as you know is slang for bother. The word seriously throws me into a real tizzy. What's a tizzy? It's a non-word that I picked up as a kid. I use it to define a state of being annoyed, but the Urban Dictionary has all kinds of other definitions for it.

I made up the ironic title of this post from the term "McJob." According to Wiki, the term was coined by a sociologist way back in 1986 and was made popular in the novel that defined my people, Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture. Oxford English Dictionary defines it as "An unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects, esp. one created by the expansion of the service sector."

That's the funny part. It's actually IN the dictionary! As is Staycation and other McWords.

After seeing too many links to Staycation posts the other morning, I tweeted that I hated that word. Then got into a tizzy. So maybe I was experiencing a Twizzy. Not sure. Anyway, some of my Tweeps (Twitter + Peeps. Also, peeps = people) brought up other McWords.

Why does "staycation" bother me so much? Because it's making up a happy word to cover up that you're not going anywhere this summer. Enjoying your home town is just that. It's not a vacation, even if you check in to a hotel in another part of town. You're still just staying home. If it makes you feel better to call "not going anywhere this summer"  a staycation, go right ahead. But you're not fooling anyone. Except maybe all those other people going on staycations.

You can call me a big ol' kettle for using some McWords (tweeted, tizzy, rashy, etc.) but hating on yours. I realize I'm being a hypocritopotamus. I'm okay with that.


What are words that "bug" you? Which McWords would you pay to have expunged from the dictionary?