On the Day You Were Born...

On the day you were born, the round planet Earth turned toward your morning sky... whirling past darkness...

spinning the night...

into light.


I used to read that book to my oldest kid when she was a toddler. She loved the pictures and the stories about the sun, the moon, and all the animals... the sights, the sounds, and all the vibrant colors. I loved coming to the end of the story and seeing her twinkly eyes smile.

I read the book to all the kids... but always, this story seemed to be just for Jasmine. My first. My doppleganger. My 23 year old "baby" that towers over me. The one that I had a beer with last time I was in San Francisco. The one I can still picture in pigtails. She changed my life. She made it sweeter. She made it more colorful. She made it more meaningful.

I love you, Jazzy.

Happy Birthday!


On the Day You Were Born - Written and Illustrated by Debra Frasier