Why Animals Eat Their Young

. Yesterday, I was going to write about all my findings on why animals eat their young. Sounds like a strange subject for a mom to be writing about, right? Well, if you had a kid like my 20 year old, you might understand.

So what did I find? Well, besides the possibility that they're tasty, animals in the wild eat their young when the young won't mature and the adults need to reserve their energy for their other children and mate.

Harsh? Maybe.

There was so much I wanted to write regarding this particular subject a few weeks ago... this bitter storyline in my life... but I needed to give myself some time to be with my thoughts.

I also needed to put my attention on other things.

Like the animals in the wild that need to reserve their energy for their other young and mate, I needed to reclaim my calm after having it rudely interrupted by the hateful rantings of an immature adult child, and refocus my energy back on my children returning to school and my husband and I rebuilding our life together.

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday. I almost broke down and tried, once again, to reach out to her.

But then I read Danielle LaPorte's post about finding a new target for your dreams.

"I'm all for relentless dreaming and fierce faith. But if you're spending an overly long time trying to wish, hammer, hope, push and ploy things into form, maybe it's time to point your dream in another direction."

I have people and dreams to nurture and my own heart to care for. I'm no good to anyone else around me if I focus on the negativity of one person that is stuck in a loop somewhere in time, retelling her story to those who allow her to stay there, in that perpetual bitterness.

Parents have it rough. Sometimes, no matter how much we sacrifice, it's never enough. Sometimes, there's just nothing more that you can do but to release the child to the world...

And hope they don't get eaten alive.