That Was the River

Sometimes you meet with a friend to talk about one thing and within moments of sitting down, the conversation becomes more meaningful than you could have ever imagined. 

Yesterday, I sent a request up for encouragement. I was feeling so discouraged by some relationships and by junk that keeps mucking up the view. I just needed to get back to a positive place and said as much to anyone that was listening. Then this morning, I was reminded that all that I'm leaving behind is in the past and all that is before me will be awesome and amazing, if not to anyone else, to me. Because I know where I'm meant to go and I know where I'm meant to be.

And then we talked about a beautiful song with a beautiful message.

There's no real video... but just take a listen:

These things you keep
You'd better throw them away
You wanna turn your back 
On your soulless days

Once you were tethered
And now you are free
Once you were tethered 
Well now you are free
That was the river

This is the sea!

Thank you, Jennifer... for the encouragement.