An Afternoon with Rico

Tulips in a vase. Crepes drizzled with chocolate sauce. A morning in the sun with my kids.

All very lovely.
But what I really want for Mother's Day is one more afternoon with Rico Suave.
He came to the door and said my name... "Sugar?" I stood and walked towards him, all the while letting it sink in that I was going to be massaged by a man. And a pretty handsome man, too. I followed dark-and-handsome back to the room, speaking in hushed tones about intentions and clarity. As we walked through the door, one thing became very clear. I was about to get naked for Rico. He asked me if there was anything that was bothering me... any places that needed attention. I couldn't flat out tell him I was bothered about one place in particular that hadn't had much attention in a while. What came out instead was:
"My right shoulder aches a bit."
He promised to take care of my needs. He walked out so that I could disrobe and lay on the bed. Such a gentleman. He softly knocked and called my name again. "Are you ready, Sugar?" Oh Rrrrrrico... SOOO ready! He swept my hair to the side, and as his hands brushed against my back, I felt goosebumps run down my arms. He couldn't see me smiling or blushing, but the chills, I could not hide. Embarrassing!
Then the time came for the warm oil and rubbing hands. It was almost too much! My smile broadened and I thought my heart would surely explode from the sheer joy of knowing that this man was rubbing me and rubbing me and rubbing me... and I didn't even have to do his laundry... I thought I might scream from that knowledge alone!
After a time, he came to my right shoulder. "Let's see if we can do something about this aching." He listened to me! And then he worked it. He worked it so well that, I'm embarrassed to say, I started moaning. No... seriously... mooooooaaaannning! I'm not sure if it was the rubbing or the fact that he listened!
Eventually I had to turn over, and you know what that means. Yep. He saw my big smile. It wasn't anything I could help. It's a natural reaction! And I'm sure he appreciated the acknowledgement, right? Gently, he reached beneath me and rubbed up as my back arched higher... and higher... and... Oh... RICO! He repeated that sweet little move a few more times, then slowly, and ever so gently, he laid my body down. He swept my hair to the side and whispered, "How are you feeling?" He asked how I was feeling? Get the eff out!!
I opened my eyes, stretched my arms and let out a breathy, "I feel fabulous, Rico."
For Mother's Day, I'd really really really like one more hot and oily afternoon with a man listening to me, caring about my feelings, and taking care of my needs. But I'll take the tulips and crepes with the kids just the same.